Dogs of Barcelona

Whenever I visit a new city, my impressions are often shaped by the quality of life of its canine inhabitants. Are the doggos well kept? Do they have room to play and roam / ignore me freely? Their public existence permeates much of how I eventually come to see a space. I definitely need to live a second life as a well kept dog. Ideally a royal corgi.

In Barcelona, the dogs are dignified, have a strut, and are well behaved and diverse — just like their human companions! Here are shots I took of my favorite doggies. With an abundance of outdoor spaces, parks and outdoor dining options, life as a dog in Barcelona seems enviable.


Shortly after snapping this pic, the gentleman smiled at me. So I felt infinitely less creepy for creeping up on him and his doggo. They’re both so dignified! #SeniorGoals


Dog & the City: Barcelona edition. Just chillinggg, walking down the street, catching up with my best frands.


Definitely jelly of the beach dog life. Camouflaged and carefree, these canine are living it up on La Barceloneta.


Doggos living the life. Check out the sea side view.


That hiking life: Sniffing dog encountered at Bunkers del Carmel. Love how his/ her highlighted hair sort of blends in with the surroundings of. . . prairie esq foliage. . . are those weeds?


Dogoos that brunch / coffee it up — the plethora of outdoor dining spaces makes so many of the restaurants in Barcelona suitable for dogs. I’m much more likely to pick a place that has doggy eye candy.


Doggo spying at Cafè Cometa on Carrer del Parlament — a lovely, hipstery spot that made me feel like I was in Brooklyn, serving up coffee, fresh squeezed juices and pastries.


I was inspired by this dog to go to Massimo Dutti. I too wanted a cozy puffer vest! Instead I bought some sneakers. Thank you, fashion inspo!


OMG I tried so hard to make eye contact with this doggo and outstayed my visit at this cafe (Cactus Cafe, at Carrer de Blasco de Garay) by about an hour because of the Lion King distraction. What a majestic cutie! It wanted nothing to do with me though.